Our Baby & Me classes are run for infants from 4 months and above. This is the first learning stage of the Swimtastic program and is focused on a gentle introduction to the water for parent & baby. There are 2 levels in this stage and are focused on water awareness, conditioning & safety.
Babies will learn to be comfortable in the water & develop readiness for learning aquatic skills. It is aimed at transitioning children, build confidence and independence for progression into the next level without parents.
These skills are delivered through a 30-minute class full of activities, games & songs. Parents will learn what to do, why we do it & how to do it, under the direction of a qualified instructor.


Our second swimming stage comprises of three levels. It is focused on water familiarisation, confidence and awareness.
The fundamental swimming skills are the core of these levels which includes: breath control, kicking, propulsion through the water, floating & safe entries and exits, including returning to the wall.
Lessons are fun-based with serious undertones hidden within the activities whilst swimmers are learning to work together in group setting.


Our third swimming stage comprises of Learn To Swim Level 1 & Level 2. These levels are focused on building the core skills while learning how to swim with correct head and body position with a strong, consistent kick. More work is focused on freestyle and backstroke technique by introducing drills to perfect technique. We also start preparation on introduction to breaststroke kick and butterfly kick.
At this level, most children will be at school and have become used to formalities of listening and following instructions.


Our fourth swimming stage comprises of stroke development 1 & 2. These levels continue to fine tune freestyle, backstroke and introduce swimmers to Breaststroke and Butterfly technique. Swimmers are taught the right stroke mechanics whilst focusing on their strength, conditioning and fitness.


Our ALTS level is designed for adults with little or no swimming experience. It aims to develop confidence in water & learn basic swimming skills. Once you have mastered the basic skills, our instructors will focus on stroke development.

It’s never too late to learn to swim - it will change your life!!!


We also offer private lessons, which are one-on-one with an instructor and are 30-minutes in duration.