Healthy Swim


At Swimtastic, we aim to maintain high quality water standards using modern water purification system. Our water purification system enhances water quality second to none to ensure you experience the healthiest pool water possible that keep your families healthy & refreshed.

The combination of ozone and UV-C (AOP) integrated in this smart designed purifier ensures fresh and healthy pool water with the possibility of using a minimum of chlorine. Although chlorine is a good disinfectant, it has one major drawback. As a by-product of the disinfection process, chlorine combines with bathers’ body fluids and other organic debris in the pool water to form chloramines. Chloramines are the substances that cause unpleasant eye, skin and nose irritation, breathing difficulties and the “chlorine” smell in swimming pools.

The biggest and most noticeable advantage of the treatment of pool water with UV light is that it destroys chloramines and reduce the chlorine concentration drastically or even practically eliminating the undesirable side effects mentioned above of the use of chlorine based disinfectants.