FAQs & Prices


How to Enrol

How do I enrol OR find the enrolment form? 

Click here to download the form and T&Cs, fill all the sections and come see us during our Swim School operating hours.

How long Is each lesson?

All our classes are 30 minutes in duration except Adult learn to swim group lessons which are 45 minutes long.

Swimming Lesson Prices


  • Lesson Price
Kids (30-minute class)
Payment via Monthly Direct Debit $23.00 per lesson
Payment via cash, EFTPOS or Bank Transfer $24.50 per lesson for a 10-week block

$27.00 per lesson for monthly payments

Adults (45-minute class)
Payment via Monthly Direct Debit $31.00 per lesson
Payment via cash, EFTPOS or Bank Transfer $33.00 per lesson for monthly payments
Private Lessons (30-minute class) $70.00 per lesson


  • Enrolment fee

A one-off enrolment fee of $35 per student. The enrolment pack includes a reusable swim nappy and a swim bag OR a swimming cap and a swim bag.

Are there any discount offers?

We currently have the below offer(s) for customers to choose from:

  • Multiple lesson discount – We believe kids benefit more by attending more than one swim lesson per week. For kids on direct debit, a discount of 5% is offered for each additional weekly lesson a child undertakes.

How do I pay for lessons?

For insurance purposes, we require all fees to be paid in advance. We accept the below forms of payment:
– EFTPOS (All debit and credit cards, except diners card)
– Bank transfer
– Monthly direct debit
– Cash
– Active Kids Vouchers.

Make Up Lessons

What if I can’t come to the lessons? 

Swimtastic does offer make up lessons. If your child is going to be absent, please notify us of the absence, no later than two (2) hours prior to the start of the class. Further details on the make up lessons can be found in the terms and conditions attached to the enrolment form (click here).

How do I let you know if I can’t come to lessons?

The best way to notify us of an absence is login to your account and mark yourself/your child away. You can also send us a text message, send an email or send a message on our Facebook page. Please make sure the notice is before the 2-hour cut-off.

Other Faqs

What do I need to bring to swimming lessons? 

Our facility is designed to provide you a most comfortable experience before and after your swimming lessons. We have change cubicles, hot showers, baby change tables, lockers, pram parking and toilets, all located within the premises. Please remember to bring the following to each lesson:

  • Your child’s swimmers
  • Swimtastic has a no nappy, no swimming policy. Disposable & reusable nappies are available for purchase at our Centre.
  • If you are swimming with your child, don’t forget your swimmers too!
  • Towel
  • Caps & Goggles if applicable — we stock a wonderful brand called Vorgee
  • Fresh clothes, fresh nappy, etc.

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Swimming lessons should be embraced as part of your life, rather than a once-off period. Think about swimming lessons as a long-term process, rather than an event. To ensure continuous skill development, lessons need to be a regular part of your child’s weekly routine. As children learn they progress at their own pace and master the skills appropriate for their age.

Should I continue classes during winter?

Absolutely! Our focus is to create an environment that is consistently comfortable no matter what season it is, giving you the opportunity to stay enrolled 12 months of the year. Children’s skill retention is lost extremely fast if there is not consistent or regular exposure to the practice and upkeep of skills.

Does Swimtastic operate all year round?

Yes, Swimtastic is open all year round, we are closed on public holidays and we have a two-week holiday break over the Christmas and New Year.

Is your pool heated? 

YES! What is the first reason babies often cry in swimming lessons? Because they are cold! There are a number of variables in creating the perfect Learn To Swim environment and water temperature is right at the top of that list. To get the most out of our swimmers, water is heated to the most comfortable level for every swimmer in the pool.

Is your pool chlorinated? 

Our pool uses AOP’s advanced oxidation purification system which works in tandem with chlorine, to provide our swimmers with the healthiest environment possible. Advanced Oxidation Purification (AOP) is a remarkably powerful and efficient method for disinfecting swimming pools. You can have swim-ready water without the harsh effects of typical chlorine sanitising treatments.

Do I need to supervise my child at the pool?

Always. You are required to stay with your children at all times.

Can I change my lesson time when my baby changes sleep schedule? 

Absolutely. You can change days and times at any stage through the term. We understand as babies grow older, their sleep habits may change. We will do our very best to find a day, time and instructor to suit your needs.